Andrew Cotton

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Negative, moody and grumpy. I tend to make these involuntary deep groaning noises and say things like ‘agh, nightmare’ ‘agh, scenario’ ‘scenic disaster’ and ‘agh, get me out of here’ pretty much whatever I say has the groan in front of it almost like it just pains me just to communicate. this is what happens when I’m in the wrong frame of mind and start having bad surf’s not helped by people around you having fun and saying things like ‘yeah but look how beautiful everything is’ or ‘just enjoy yourself’ I just let the silence be my response then slip in another ‘agh’. You just need to start afresh; you know new place, new surroundings, and different frame of mind, draw a line in the sand walk over it to a different trip and start from scratch.......blah blah blah! We’ve just moved into a friend of mine’s house, it’s a truly an amazing spot and it’s been about 7 years since we last met. How’s the wild parrots in the garden this morning, loving life........

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