Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Meet Dan, we go back a few years now, well come to think of it he used to avoid me like the plague but there was good reason for this as I was bombarding him with calls, emails and sending him portfolios every 3 weeks hounding him for sponsorship with GRAVIS, He did a pretty good job of avoiding me for some time until about 5 years ago he pulled me to one side at a trade show and introduced me to Analog and I haven’t looked back since. Dan’s a London geezer and can talk more about a pair of shoes than Jan Ernst Matzeliger and he can tell you a thing or two about a YKK zipper and the super stretch they use on the boardies too. Anyway I met up with Dan last night down in Newquay, we talked the talk as we always do, I moan at him and he tells me he’s ‘always thinking’ but we have a laugh, Ordered up my summer attire and checked out the coming winter collection which I might say looks pretty dam amazing.

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