Andrew Cotton

Friday, 12 March 2010

Organised chaos

This is Richard from in his organised chaos. I went round his office this morning at 7.30am to pick up some cameras he's so kindly lending me. In the past he's had me riding girls bikes, surfing retro fishes and even once had me having tea with the vicar, All in the name of making 'beautiful' things for people to watch and i think that's why i like filming with him. For example i dropped some footage round his office last week and whilst in the kitchen making a cup of tea i hear him shriek 'Oh Andrew this is amazing' We've got some real great stuff here' I came back into the office to see him watching a reflection of my board in the water, very odd i thought but what ever makes you tick. We'll just see how the footage turns out but no doubt I'm positive it will have some beautiful clips in there and hopefully a bit of surfing too!

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