Andrew Cotton

Friday, 10 June 2011

Crumpets for breakfast

I ate 6 crumpets for breakfast this morning, that's definitely not a balanced diet. Bit like the time I went on a sausage bender in Ireland and consumed about 80 bangers in a week, all things to excess I just can't help myself.
If you follow me on Twitter you'll know from my random tweets and surf reports that the surf's been 'shit' a lot recently but I have made myself go in, I have to or I get the strange guilty feeling which makes me strip naked and whip myself with a old leather belt until I break down and cry. Also did this floatation tank thingy which was a definite highlight for me, I'm no hippy and won't get all spiritual about this sort of shit but I love being wet and as I've said before I used to have that habit of sleeping in the bath but this is way more safer. You just can't help but float and as I drifted off in my salty water filled cocoon I can only describe a strange feeling of weightlessness almost like a flying sensation which is highly addictive and far healthier on the mind body and soul than LSD. Could be an expensive few weeks ahead.

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