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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The disruptive spirit of a dark goat.

The disruptive spirit of a dark goat (Cotty surfing Nias) from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

I was in a case of a mistaken identity at the weekend which meant I got to get an extra portion of pork, 'oh this lad needs looking after so make sure you give him an extra portion' said the lovelly lady behind the BBQ, I just smiled and wondered what the hell I'd ever done to warrent an extra pork portion or what on earth she thought I was going to do in the near future to deserve it. It wasn't till the pork disher outter questioned my wortheryness and the lady saying 'he's paddling around Lundy island next week' the penny dropped. Do I just go with it or own up? I knew who'd she had mistaken me for as there's only one loon I know who'd even want to do such a thing and although he's obviously way more buffer and a supierer athlete than I am I'm sure I'm far better looking. Obviously there's a moral issue here,  I wasn't going to take the credit for something I wasn't doing or had any plans to ever do, that's not the sort person I am but the pork looked so good so I waited till the extra piece had been placed on my plate then picking up the plate I piped up and came clean. 'Hope not because that's something I didn't know anything about, I think you're thinking of Nick Thorn' 'but thanks for the extra portion though'.
Richard at Wavedreamer has just put together this little clip of a couple waves I caught when I was in Nias, there's no pork involved but there was a disruptive spirit of a dark goat.

Oh and good luck to Nick at the weekend, check out his site and donate, its all for charity.

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