Andrew Cotton

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Framed for plant pot murder

I got framed for plant pot murder.  I know I can hardly believe it myself, who would do such a thing then have the audacity to get someone else to phone me up and have words with me about it. I also went to see my mother last week, I didn’t mention the framing for plant pot murder scenario as to be honest it happened a long time ago and as I didn’t even do it I find the whole situation quite funny, it’s just water under the bridge.
To tell you the truth I didn’t get to say much to my Mum as from the minute I got there she pretty much talked at me constantly, this is the great thing about my Mum as I don’t like talking much and whenever she’s about I don’t really have to. Amongst a few things she talked at me about there was one I couldn’t quite believe she was actually telling me ‘went to a lovely new restaurant this week’ she said in her mid Devon accent, she’s from Crediton see which defiantly has unique tone ‘such a nice place and amazing service’ ‘I asked for tap water and they gave it to me free’ she said in an excited and surprised way, which at this point I did pipe up and ask if was actually serious or being extremely sarcastic  ‘No Andrew I was very impressed, it came in a lovely jug and even had ice and lemon in it’.
I on the other hand am not so impressed with this but I have started doing a bit of lifeguarding for the summer down at Croyde which in the past few days has been impressive.

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