Andrew Cotton

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Swiss ball swing

I rescued this lad in the sea the other day, he was with 2 other mates but was the only unfortunate one to get caught in the rip and swept out to sea. As I got to him he was pretty relieved as panic had set in and he was starting to see the fear, I got him on the rescue board then started paddling him back to shore. When we got to about knee depth water I got off the board and stood up asking him if he was OK, kind of expecting a ‘thanks’ or a ‘you saved my life’ response but to my surprise I didn’t get either. He just stood up and modally waded through the shallows not talking until he got to his 2 mates who were now waiting for him on the beach, he took off his leash and threw his body board at them shouting ‘thanks for nothing’ there was then a few words shouted back and forth with myself sort of stood there in amazement untill he went and sat by himself half way up the beach. It’s funny what emotions a bit of fear can bring out.
Like most things I generally like training in my pants, it gives you a sense of freedom you don’t get when training fully clothed. I call this one the ‘Swiss ball swing’ where I stand on the ball and swing weights around my head while trying not to fall off, it’s good for the core apparently.

Photo: Jason Feast

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  1. youngsters today, anyone would think they'd be rioting in the streets the way they carry on.