Andrew Cotton

Sunday, 17 July 2011

bloody nice bloke

I know I’ve said it before but I’m not just dashingly handsome and multi talented, plumber, lifeguard, pro surfer with a bit of modelling thrown in the mixer I’m also a bloody nice bloke, have I ever mentioned my ex girlfriend dumped me because she thought I was a loser?! Croyde Surf Club do a grom session every Monday night and tomorrow myself and Dr Baker are going to take it and the lovely people at Analog have sorted some treats to spread the love, they’re like me bloody nice too. Not 100% what the plan is yet which is a little worrying, not brilliant with kids and I get nervous speaking to more than one person at a time let alone 30 groms but that’s why I got Dr Baker involved he can do airs and shit so the groms will be putty in his hands or so I’m hoping just hope he doesn’t try and dish out any medical advice.

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